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I am a full time abstract and portrait artist exploring varying mediums to create widespread texture and evocative pieces. I enjoy how abstract creates a euphoric realism that is relatable but not necessarily reality. As no two pieces are the same, I relish in creating futuristic and dream-like artwork.

I build bounds of texture within each painting and mainly work with metallic or highly pigmented colour found in clay paint as opposed to solely using oils and acrylic. With a variety of hardware tools, I am able to create depth in my artwork, which transpire into unique pieces for your home or commercial space.

I enjoy working to larger scale canvases, particularly with metallic and chrome mediums. They add a lot of richness to a painting, and the reflection changes the artwork from any angle you view at.


I have studied various forms of art from screen printing, lithography, textiles, illustration, oil and acrylic painting, realism and impressionism, block printing, history of art, etching, sculpting, digital art, and album artwork. I enjoy combining these techniques and inspirations into abstract paintings.



Please contact me if you have any enquiries about commissions, collaborations, artwork, or just to say hello.