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I am an abstract artist specialising mainly in volumes of texture, metallic paints, and both neutral and colourful palettes, typically in landscape form, whilst incorporating on-trend designs. I enjoy how abstract creates a euphoric realism that is relatable but not necessarily reality. As no two pieces are the same, I relish in creating futuristic and dream-like artwork, and taking my main inspiration from severe weather and light, as well as ancient buildings.

I have professionally been an artist since 2021 and prior to this I studied, at both degree level and as hobbies, many forms of art. I am heavily inspired by  traditional painters such as De Kooning, Monet, Turner and John Atkinson Grimshaw to name but a few. As well as constantly gathering inspiration from contemporary painters from all styles.


I have been featured in John Lewis, Wychwood Art Gallery and Yard Art, and I have previously been seen in Conde Nast's Publications; House and Garden, and The World of Interiors magazines.


I paint full-time in my home-studio, and take my main inspiration from the majesty of the English countryside whilst  typically painting unconventionally; using hardware tools and my hands, as I feel this expresses movement and energy the best for my style. This technique picks up details, enhances metallic reflections, and defines structure.

John Lewis -  2021-present

Click here to view my artwork at John Lewis


Wayfair UK - 2021-present

Click here to view my artwork at Wayfair UK


House and Garden Magazine - 2021

The World of Interiors - 2021


Please feel free to contact me about commissions, collaborations, artwork, or general enquiries.


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