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By Laura Weekes, contemporary abstract artist

based in Cornwall, England


I am an abstract artist based in Cornwall, specialising in metallic paints, inks and volumes of texture. I am currently featured in John Lewis, Wychwood Art Gallery and Yard Art, and I have previously been seen in Vogue's Publications; House and Garden, and The World of Interiors magazines.


I paint full-time in my home-studio in Cornwall, and take my main inspiration from the majesty of the English countryside.

I typically paint unconventionally; using hardware tools and my hands, whilst rarely use a paintbrush, as I feel this expresses movement and energy the best for my style. This technique picks up details, enhances metallic reflections, and defines structure.


Explore my latest collection of original artwork.

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Contact me today if you would like to discuss getting a painting commissioned. I can assist with colour schemes and sizing at your request, as well as keeping you updated through photos, videos and messages on the development of your artwork.